We provide emotional support for new parents that take away no time and benefit everyone

Most new parents get overwhelmed. Their predictable stress and uncertainty affect both home and work life – and can even lead to burnout. But there ARE ways to cut through the anxiety and help parents recharge, focus on what's most important for their wellbeing, child's optimal early development AND what also benefits your bottom line.   

This program is designed to: reduce anxiety, postpartum depression and stress; improve emotional health; help maintain supportive self-care habits, nurture personal and professional relationships. 

Evidence-based practices built on science, observation, and extensive in-person experience are tailored to fit into busy lives. Parents Pause emotional wellness programs are trauma-informed. 

How much of the emotional support new parents receive determines their emotional wellbeing and outcomes in life - including work life. 

Research shows that mothers practicing mindfulness were more grounded and were less likely to experience Post Partum Depression compared to a group of moms participating in a parenting education instead.  

Emotional wellness and perinatal support become one of the most sought after employee benefits.     

Let's bring in some ease with Parents Pause 8-week long daily support.

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Created for parents of small children, helpful to anyone. Small practices, cues, reminders throughout the day to pause and cherish your life.

"The best decision. It truly turned my life 180 degree

I was exhausted; my anxiety was through the roof. I felt hopeless. This training showed me how many opportunities and ways there are actually to recharge with my baby around. I finished the training restored and grounded, ready to take on new challenges. Now I have tools to keep myself sane :). Interestingly, my son is easier to manage now when I’m in a more confident place.”

Sada, online program participant

"Parents Pause provide helpful tips and tools every day

I have learned so much in 8 weeks. With consistent small shifts every day, I was able to get rid of my excessive worry. Now I enjoy being a mom and I know what to do to help myself when things don’t go according to plan. It helped me navigate work-life balance without self-blame.

Sarah B.

Pause with us

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Even a few minutes by clock time can be restorative because timeless moments are liberating moments

Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn