From parents to parents, with love.


Our story

I remember this feeling of isolation vividly, being overwhelmed and anxious after I moved to a new city (on a new continent) with a small baby, taking care of her full time. I was craving opportunities to pause, reconnect with myself, and connect with like-minded parents. 

Inspired by near-desperation, I decided to try meditation with my friend and with our babies in the room. To our surprise, it worked great! Not only did we feel recharged, calmer, more present, and connected, but our kids seemed to benefit in the same way. That's when the Parents Pause started. 

It was clear to me that many other moms crave that emotional support and nurturing pause, too. So we developed programs that help create a space for new moms like you to look within themselves, become their own supportive friend, and open up to others being grounded and feeling legitimate in their needs or parenting choices. 

This transformation creates conditions for kids to grow in a nurturing environment with more emotionally resilient moms modeling the essential life skills to their babies and toddlers. 

Do you want to gain insights into how YOU are, uncover your struggles, triggers, and superpowers? See more clearly your emotional and parenting patterns? Discover who your children are, and be able to discern better what is needed when things go off? Your transformation will benefit your children and family as much as yourself. 

Our programs are backed by two decades of scientific research on mindfulness, child development and are trauma-informed. We offer a variety of in-person and online programs tailored for new and early parents. Also, creating means to connect with other like-minded parents locally, or with a broader community online. 

I am excited to invite you to this journey of self-discovery, presence, and emotional self-awareness – being together rather than doing.


Ela Compton MA

Founder of Parents Pause